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Paul Pogba’s brother threatens to reveal facts about the player and Kylian Mbappe

French authorities investigating extortion claims related to the brother's actions

by Red Billy

A troubling and confusing story has broken out involving former United star Paul Pogba and his brother, Mathias.

Mathias posted a video on Tiktok and other social media claiming that he was going to reveal information about his brother, Paul, PSG striker Kylian Mbappe and Pogba’s lawyer-agent Rafaela Pimiento that would be extremely damaging to their public image and careers.

The older brother of the Juventus star said “I believe that my brother’s fans, the French team & Juventus, my brother’s teammates & his sponsors deserve to know certain things, to decide if he really deserves the admiration & love of the public.”

However, according to journalist Zach Lowry, “The French authorities are investigating a case of ‘attempted extortion by an organized gang’ with regards to Paul Pogba.

“Pogba has told police that he was trapped by childhood friends and two hooded men with assault rifles, who demanded €13m from him.”

Brother Mathias is said to be a part of the gang involved. It is not the first time they have attempted to extort the France international, Lowry says.

“The blackmailers attempted to discredit Paul by broadcasting messages that Paul asked a witch doctor to cast a spell on Kylian Mbappé, something Paul vehemently denies,” Lowry said.

“During the investigation, Paul stated that he has always been close to his childhood friends and never hesitated to help them out financially until January, when he kicked out a friend that he was hosting in Manchester. This friend used Paul’s credit card to steal €200,000.

However, Mathias is persisting, saying “I hope you won’t be fooled by an attempt to manipulate the media and the authorities.

“When you are famous the world is with you, the authorities listen more attentively. But that doesn’t put you above the law, the police aren’t your minions!”

Whatever the truth of the situation, it is a very unsavoury affair and United can breathe easily that for once, they are not at the centre of another scandal.

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