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Paul Parker slams Bruno Fernandes’ attitude at Manchester United

by Raj Dholakia

Former Manchester United left back Paul Parker blasted Bruno Fernandes for his recent comments.

In an exclusive interview with Adam Crafton (The Athletic), Bruno shared his thoughts on the season.

He spoke about how he gets unfairly criticised sometimes, comparing himself with Arsenal winger Nicolas Pepe.

Parker has no time for Bruno’s excuses and criticised him for his attitude:

“I don’t think that’s any excuse. There’s been a lot of money spent on individuals to play for that club, and they haven’t signed there to be told what to do all the time.”

“A lot was expected of them, and they haven’t followed through. Nowhere near.”

“It is quite obvious that Bruno Fernandes is saying that to detox himself more than anything.”

“Coming out and saying there have been a lot of managers because you and your teammates haven’t been delivering is embarrassing.”

The 28 year old’s performances have deteriorated since the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo last season.

His goal and assist numbers have dried up drastically, and he looks like a shadow of the player he was in the 2020-21 season.

Parker says, “It seems like he has a too high opinion of himself, and I think he should actually engage his brain before he opens his mouth.”

“I really don’t understand why Fernandes has this need to come out and speak all of a sudden when he really has not performed for a long time.”

“I would never have said that when I was playing for Manchester United. If I was asked this under Ferguson, I would turn away without answering because the manager would never have accepted that.”

“It is really up to the club who they want to sign, so the players should not be talking of things like this.”

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