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Ex Man United man Dion Dublin tells of cowboy bar fight with rival fans

Former striker talks title success, celebrations and fighting fans

by Paul Speller

Former Manchester United player Dion Dublin has spoken about a fight he and his teammates had with irate Liverpool supporters.

The ex striker revealed that the United team came face to face with angry fans of their most fierce rivals while celebrating a league title success, as reported in The Daily Star.

With Sir Alex Ferguson’s men securing the first ever Premier League in the 1992-93 season, the Reds hit the town after a day at the races.

The Reds won the league by 10 points, finishing ahead of Aston Villa, who Dublin would later go on to play for.

And it wasn’t just one night of drinking, as the 53 year old discussed on the Quickly Kevin podcast.

“We won the league in 1993, and Bryan Robson organised a trip to Chester races, so we go to Chester races, have a great day… this is like the end of a week’s celebration, we’ve been on our open top bus and we’re lagging now,” he laughed.

Dublin goes on to explain how the team he only joined at the beginning of the season came to be among the rival supporters.

“Drinking is not a problem, we’ve had six days of it, so on the seventh day it doesn’t even touch us.”

So, after enjoying their day out at the races, Dion described how the squad had decided to head into town for a night out. But, when they entered the bar of one hotel, the players were met with fierce resistance.

“We walked in, and we realised that there were Liverpool fans about, and these Liverpool fans realised that it was Man United that had come in, so they started spitting on us,” he claimed.

Pandemonium quickly ensued, with Eric Cantona leading the charge back up the stairs towards the Liverpool supporters.

“It was like a cowboy fight,” Dublin continued. “Me and Sharpey [Lee Sharpe] ended up chasing some fans down the road. We ended up fighting outside, me and Sharpey, with two guys, he’s getting chinned, I’m getting chinned.

“We had this brawl for about two or three minutes and then we all turned up and went, look we better go because this isn’t going to be great. So we went to another bar and people were wiping their faces and cuts and bruises… So that’s what happened when we were out in Chester.”

Despite suffering an horrific leg break during the season which kept him sidelined for most of it, Dublin was obviously well integrated into the team by the time the madness ensued.

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