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David de Gea has played the most minutes in Premier League history

by Joe Taylor

David de Gea has broken a new record and is now the player with the most minutes played in the Premier League.

While it hasn’t been pretty since his arrival, there is no doubt that his loyalty towards the club remains.

Since joining Man United in 2011, De Gea has been the first-choice goalkeeper after the retirement of Edin van der Sar.

He has gone on to be one of the starters in the Spanish international side until he was dropped due to poor form in 2020.

De Gea hasn’t been enjoying too much success in recent times at United with his contract running out at the end of this season

It is fully expected that the club will trigger the one-year option clause in his deal, time seems to be running out for the goalkeeper to improve.

Over the previous three seasons, it has been notable that his form has dropped significantly.

Fans will remember that De Gea was removed to the bench for Dean Henderson on some occasions but managed to prove himself and be reacquainted with the starting eleven.

Now after yesterday’s defeat to Aston Villa, he has now overtaken Ben Foster with the most Premier League minutes played.

Former United captain Ashley Young fails to make it into the top ten with the right-back positioning at 11th place.

He is currently at Aston Villa and isn’t far off breaking from displacing Phil Jagielka who comes in at 10th.

De Gea should feel a sense of honour that he has been trusted for over 10 years at the club.

With multiple goalkeeper targets being discussed behind the scenes, it looks like the Spaniard will need to prove himself once more or he could face being displaced permanently.

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