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Cristiano Ronaldo bombshell interview: What it means for Manchester United going forward

by Derick Kinoti

Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo has come out with shocking allegations about his current employers that have sent shockwaves across the United fanbase.

In a bombshell interview with British journalist Piers Morgan, the Portugal international blasted United boss Erik ten Hag for not respecting him. It categorically stated that he did not respect the Dutchman.

Ronaldo reiterated that he was the victim of a smear campaign by the club and has been made the poster boy of the club’s struggles. He went ahead to allude that senior elements within the club, including within the team, are actively looking to force him out of Old Trafford.

The 37-year-old pulled no punches, even criticising the club for hiring Ralf Rangnick, who he branded as “not a coach” and “someone he had never heard about.”

In the future, what do these comments mean for Manchester United in the future?

End of Ronaldo’s United career

After Ronaldo’s shocking revelation, it is safe to say he has already played his last game as a United player. Because he has conceded he has no respect for Ten Hag, someone greatly admired within the United fanbase, Ronaldo has already muddied the waters.

His alluding to the fact that club bosses and even some of his teammates have been trying to force him out is likely to set him apart as a non-friendly entity within the team setup.

The 37-year-old’s lambasting of club staff, including the medics and trainees whose competence he called into doubt, is another thing that should be considered.

How can the striker be expected to even show his face again at Old Trafford after these bitter comments?

The fact that Ronaldo chose such a public forum to air the club’s dirty laundry will lower him in the estimation of his colleague and even the fans themselves. Currently, the club only has one course of action – to terminate his contract immediately and cut ties.

Sowing discord in the dressing room/ behind the scenes

After the Fulham game, Ten Hag firmly stated that the club and everyone in it were United and were fighting from one common front.

Ronaldo’s unprofessionalism threatens to disrupt the harmony in the dressing room after a turbulent 2021/2022 season in which cliques and disparities behind the scenes were blamed for the team’s underperformance.

Ronaldo undoubtedly holds incredible sway among the players, as evidenced by the admiration he commands from players like Alejandro Garnacho, Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Dalot.

The former Real Madrid man’s baffling statements may prove to again sow the seeds of discord that significantly disrupted the team last season. It could be that a section of players move to shield their hero, while others who may feel betrayed wish to cast him out and rightly so.

Suspicion could be brewed among the players, especially after Ronaldo conceded that there might be players who are actively trying to force him out.

Ronaldo has shot himself in the foot.

While the Red Devils and the fans will undoubtedly be the most affected by Ronaldo’s shameful antics, the player could have shot himself in the foot.

Should his association with United end, which top club will take a punt on a player who has clearly shown he can be a divisive figure?

Which team will look to bring in a player who causes such disruption and turmoil?

Ronaldo may have inadvertently scuppered his chances of securing another elite move shortly. Nevertheless, how his situation develops remains to be seen.

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