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What the papers have said about Cristiano Ronaldo’s explosive interview with Piers Morgan

by Red Billy

It is safe to say that the football press have not reacted well to the leaked clips from Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview with Piers Morgan.

Morgan himself revealed the excerpts in The Sun as a teaser for the full 90 minute interview on his “Piers Morgan Uncensored” show, to be broadcast in the week.

In the excerpts, Ronaldo says he has no respect for United manager Erik ten Hag, accuses the club of betraying him and Ten Hag of wanting him out.

He also said he had “never heard” of Ralf Rangnick and questioned his credentials to manage the team.

But leading football writers are not impressed with what they have heard.

“Ronaldo’s camp leaked stories that he wanted to leave the club two days before United returned to pre-season training under Ten Hag. He spent the summer trying to find a new club. And he’s the one who feels betrayed. The timing of this should infuriate #mufc and his teammates,” says The MEN’s Tyrone Marshall.

“Be interesting to see if Ronaldo goes any further on why he thinks Ten Hag has no respect for him, beyond not picking him in the team, which given his performances this season is entirely justified.”

“Cristiano Ronaldo accuses #MUFC of trying to force him out and claiming Erik ten Hag has shown him no respect. Absurd that Ronaldo is playing the victim card after the way he has acted (and, frankly, the way he has played) since the summer,” says The Athletic’s Oliver Kay.

Four Four Two writer Sam Pilger agrees. “Why should Ten Hag respect Ronaldo? He spent the first 2 months demanding a move, then showed up late and unfit, left a game early before it had finished, actually refused to come on as substitute and play, has played dreadfully all season and now does this.

“Ten Hag made Ronaldo his captain a week ago. His actual CAPTAIN! Only 2 weeks after he had refused to even play for him and United. That showed trust and respect and this is how Ronaldo repays him. Classless.”

Whilst some commentators showed some sympathy toward the 37 year old’s disappointment at the poor state of the club’s facilities, the overwhelming response has been to condemn his actions.

The Telegraph’s James Ducker wrote:

“Covered plenty of dramas at #MUFC over the years. Can’t think of too many instances of one of the most famous players of all time torching his manager and club like that, though. A horrid mess.”

The Mirror’s Colin Miller also weighed in, saying “Giving an interview to that polemicist [Piers Morgan], exclusive to that paper [The Sun], to (again) take spotlight off an excellent Ronaldo-free result, undermining a manager at the most cowardly moment as you leave for a month. Erik ten Hag will now have overwhelming club/fan backing to end the circus.”

Whilst in the interview Ronaldo claims he is being forced out of the club, in fact this interview will achieve exactly the opposite – he is forcing his own way out of the club, as The Athletic’s Laurie Whitwell notes. United will have to act and in theory have little choice but to terminate his contract, which is exactly what Ronaldo would appear to want.

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