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Cristiano Ronaldo’s attack on the Glazers can strengthen protest movement

Even if for selfish reasons, The 1958 can use this to fuel the movement further

by Ayantan Chowdhury

Despite signing of for the six-week World Cup break with a stunning last-gasp victory over high-flying Fulham on Sunday, Manchester United just cannot catch a break at the moment.

What was expected to be a quiet few days with players leaving for their respective nations has turned out to be a media frenzy after Cristiano Ronaldo went to Piers Morgan to wash his dirty laundry in public.

In an extraordinary rant, the Portuguese attacked manager Erik ten Hag and accused him of not respecting him, and the club for not believing him and trying to force him out.

Ronaldo speaks out against the Glazer family

That was not all as he also passed scathing remarks on former interim manager Ralf Rangnick as well as club legend Wayne Rooney.

He also went all in on the club’s lack of desire and the outdated infrastructure currently available at the club, a narrative that United have been quick to squash by detailing the improvements happening behind-the-scenes at Carrington.

Most pundits and supporters have voiced their opinions on social media and the consensus in clear: the player should not don the United jersey ever again.

And that is exactly what the club are discussing with what what approach to take one of the main topics of discussion. The Old Trafford outfit feel his explosive interview gives them “just cause” to cancel Ronaldo’s contract without a pay-off.

However, one point raised by the 37-year-old which the United faithful got behind was his comments on the Glazers family. He told Morgan, “The owners of the club, the Glazers, they don’t care about the club, professional sport.

“Manchester are a marketing club – they get money from the marketing. It will be hard for Manchester to be top of the game in the next two or three years.”

He also revealed that he never met the owners since re-signing for the club.

Glazers out movement strengthened

The Glazers are deeply unpopular for their running of the club and the way they have saddled the club with debt while taking out annual dividends and not putting a single penny towards the operating costs and transfers.

There have been widespread protests since last season and this year, groups like The 1958 have been vocal in their attempts to oust the greedy ownership.

While Ronaldo’s comments will certainly help in their cause, the fact remains that the player is doing it for selfish interests. He wants to burn all the bridges and not return, something that is likely to be granted.

The only positive to come from this entire fiasco is the fact that Ronaldo’s popularity means this statement will have far-reaching effects and hopefully can help in finally ridding the club of the Glazers.

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