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Cristiano Ronaldo the first to reach 500 million Instagram followers

by David O'Neill

Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo has become the first person to reach 500 million followers on Instagram.

The news comes within a week of his bombshell interview with Piers Morgan.

Ronaldo took aim at just about everyone involved with the Red Devils, even saying that he had “no respect” for manager Erik ten Hag.

While the interview has seen Ronaldo’s stock among Manchester United fans – as well as the wider world of football – fall, it appears to have done exactly what he wanted it to:

Put himself at the centre of attention.

Ronaldo has been below-par all season in terms of his performance on the pitch and has scored just one Premier League goal for United despite playing 520 minutes across ten appearances.

His six matches in the Europa league have been a scarce improvement. He has only managed to score against Moldovan minnows side Sheriff Tiraspol in that competition.

Despite this he has felt compelled to air his grievances in remarkable fashion, which could land him in trouble, with United currently exploring their legal options in the matter.

That is unlikely to concern the striker too much, however, since his brand has only been boosted by his search for controversy.

At 500 million followers, Ronaldo is comfortably ahead of second-place Lionel Messi, who has 376 million on the same platform.

Kylie Jenner (372 million), Selena Gomez (357 million), and Dwayne Johnson (348 million), round out the top 5.

There may not be a club in Europe willing to take him, but Ronaldo’s status as a celebrity is undeniable.

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