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Nicky Butt: Manchester United legend shares his opinion on Erik ten Hag

by Raj Dholakia

Manchester United legend Nicky Butt has given his views on current manager Erik ten Hag.

In a recent interview, Butt went on to praise the Dutchman’s

“I’m sad to say that I haven’t really watched many games, I watch a few games, obviously, but one thing I will say about him is that everyone knows who the manager is.”

“He has stood up to the big players, there is obviously the Ronaldo situation, but he has stood up to the [other] players.”

“From what I have heard, he does not pull any punches, and I don’t think you can say that about previous managers. I think some have ducked it a few times.”

Ten Hag has significantly improved certain aspects of the team, like the defence.

He has formed a coherent structure at the back, which makes United a difficult team to beat.

His signings have all been excellent so far, proving how good he is at recognising team needs.

“I think Ten Hag will not take any rubbish off anybody. He knows his philosophy, and he knows how he wants to play; I believe his training is very, very good, but it is a bigger thing than just Ten Hag, isn’t it, it is a bigger thing than just the manager.”

“You have to get everything right at that football club because the ones above them aren’t standing still.”

Butt went on to say:

“How I simplify it to my mates or my son is that if you imagine [Manchester] City being here (raises his arm high) and Man United being here (placing his other hand lower), then everyone says that United have got to go like that (moving his arm upwards), but they don’t they have to go like that (pointing vertically upwards) to catch them.”

“City aren’t standing still. They are going to go like that (pointing directly upwards again), Liverpool are going to go like that, Chelsea, Arsenal are going to do that.”

“So, when we are going up, they are going up as well, so the distance is not getting caught as quick. We have to have some sort of injection, some sort of boost, that is going to take Man United back to the top.”

The second half of the season is set to be even more challenging for United as more games pile up.

Ten Hag is determined to get United to the top but will need time and patience to implement his philosophy.

With the proper backing, it is almost certain that the Dutchman will lead United to glory.

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