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Roy Keane has heated argument with Graeme Souness on live television

by Zoe Hodges

Former Manchester United player Roy Keane has been involved in a heated debate with Graeme Souness on live television as the pair reported on Argentina’s opening game of the World Cup.

The tournament favourites were awarded a penalty in the first half, which Lionel Messi converted to put his country ahead going into the break.

At halftime, the penalty was the main talking point for the Pundits, and Keane and Souness came to blows over whether it was the correct decision or not.

When asked about the first half, the former Red said, “I don’t think it’s been great. Argentina had a good start but to me looked like they were going through the motions; I don’t think it was a penalty.”

Souness countered, “He’s not watching the ball. He doesn’t know where the ball is, he’s only interested in the Argentinian player, he doesn’t know when it’s been kicked, he’s not watching, and that is a penalty.”

Keane bit back at the former Liverpool midfielder, “No, no. All this will do is encourage diving. He’s dragging him down!”

As Souness accused Keane of not listening, Keane cut him off and reiterated his point that it would encourage diving.

Souness responded, “This is not about opinion; that’s a fact; the guy wasn’t looking at the ball.”

This statement from Souness caused Keane to question why they were all there then “Well, I’m here to give my opinion. That’s not a penalty. What are we here for? I’m here to give my opinion.”

The heated exchange amused the other pundits, but they didn’t know where to look as the argument continued with Souness declaring, “I’ve heard you say it ten times. Do you want to repeat it?”

As Keane once again said it wasn’t a penalty, Souness snapped at the end of his tether, “Let someone else speak. You learn more if you listen than talk all the time.”

The situation concluded as Keane defiantly said, “Go ahead” to Souness, who was still rattled, much to the former Red’s amusement.

Argentina lost the game 2-1 in a massive upset as Saudi Arabia, a country not even in the top 50 ranked teams in the world, beat the tournament favourites.

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