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The Glazers considering a full or partial sale of Manchester United

by Raj Dholakia

The Glazer family is reportedly considering a sale of Manchester United.

According to Mark Kleinman (Sky Sports), the owners will make an imminent statement declaring their intentions.

The report states:

“Manchester United Football Club could finally be sold by its American owners after a 17-year reign dominated by fan protests and declining on-pitch performance.”

“Sky News can exclusively reveal that the Glazer family is preparing to formally announce its intention to examine potential sources of outside investment that could include a full-blown auction of arguably the world’s most famous football club.”

The Glazers are said to have approached Investment bankers to advise on the process.

This could be a historic moment, as fans would finally get their club back after suffering for 17 years.

The Glazers have bled the club dry, not investing a penny of their money and taking out millions in dividends every year.

Ronaldo’s recent interview again confirmed how bad the owners are for United.

He mentioned that they don’t care about the club and only think about the commercial side.

According to Chris Wheeler (The Daily Mail), United are not commenting on the reports.

While no potential buyer has yet been named, the rumours will indeed circulate as soon as the statement comes out.





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