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Paulo Futre criticises Erik ten Hag for his treatment of Cristiano Ronaldo

by Raj Dholakia

Former European Champion Paulo Futre has shared his views on the Cristiano Ronaldo situation at Manchester United.

He slammed coach Erik ten Hag for the way he has treated Ronaldo.

Futre said:

“I’ve never seen a coach tell Cristiano Ronaldo to enter two minutes from time.”

“This is creating a conflict, it is a lack of respect. More than a lack of respect, it’s a humiliation.’

“He has five Ballon d’Ors, he will never be able to come on two minutes from the end.”

“Normal players can enter two minutes.”

“He has five Ballon d’Ors. Anyone who does this to a player who has five Ballons d’Or is humiliating him. A player like Ronaldo cannot be humiliated. This leads to several problems.”

The 37 year old’s interview with Piers Morgan caused an uproar among the fanbase.

While many agreed with his public criticism of the Glazers, others were unhappy with him disrespecting the manager.

United eventually decided to terminate his contract. They released an official statement on their website.

Futre went on to say:

“Cristiano said that football always gives an opportunity for revenge. He now has a great opportunity to get revenge on the many people who have wronged him since his son died.”

“There were no qualms. In Portugal, there are three players; I won’t say four because Eusébio is already at the top, with Golden and Silver Balls.”

“Me, Figo and Ronaldo. A player who is awarded the Ballon d’Or or Silver Ball can go to the bench, but the coach has to tell him to come on for 15 or 20 minutes.”

“If he doesn’t say anything and tells you two minutes before the end to come in… I wouldn’t come in! But I was also much more rebellious than Cristiano Ronaldo.”

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