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Over 40 Man United fans sentenced for their roles in last year’s Old Trafford protest

by Derick Kinoti

Over 40 people have been sentenced for their illegal involvement in an anti-Glazer Old Trafford protest last year.

On May 2, a huge protest took place against the club owners, with fans demonstrating at Old Trafford and even at the Lowry Hotel.

The protest saw United’s crunch tie against Liverpool on the day postponed to a later date. The protest came after the club’s attempted participation in the failed European Super League.

Despite heavy police presence, a section of fans broke into Old Trafford with some being unruly.

The Messenger reports, “Dozens of police officers, stewards and other workers were assaulted and barriers, bottles and flares were thrown. The damage caused was worth tens of thousands of pounds, most of it to TV cameras owned by a private company.”

“The match was postponed and an investigation was launched, with hundreds of hours of CCTV reviewed to see who was involved.”

“More than 40 people have been sentenced, almost all of them this month, for offences such as assault, burglary and criminal damage.”

The ages of those sentenced range from teens to 52-year-olds.

GMP’s Assistant Chief Constable Wasim Chaudhry condemned the disorderly and disruptive behaviour displayed by some people.

Chaudhry especially slammed the attack on police officers and emergency response workers who risk their lives every day for the betterment of society.

Since the Old Trafford protest, United fans have come together on a number of occasions to express their displeasure with the Glazer family.

The Old Trafford faithful regularly sing anti-Glazer chants, with others even boycotting games. Hopefully, the recent news of the Glazers’ interest in relinquishing control becomes a reality and United can finally get on the path back to success.

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