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Erik ten Hag reveals how important human element is behind a successful transfer

by Ayantan Chowdhury

Ever since the great Sir Alex Ferguson bid adieu to the beautiful game, it has been a chaotic time for Manchester United both on the field and off it.

With Ed Woodward in charge of transfers, the Red Devils have invariably ended up over-paying for their targets and more often than not, players have been brought to boost shirt sales rather than conform to the manager’s style of play.

But as soon as Erik ten Hag stepped foot inside Old Trafford, it was clear to see that he meant business and the transfers the club have conducted showed that.

Quality was an obvious pre-requisite as Lisandro Martinez, Christian Eriksen and Casemiro have shown so far this season with their top-notch performances.

ETH’s transfer secret

But apart from that, these players possess a certain aura and character that has translated into a much more harmonious squad with frequent reports of how the camaraderie is higher than it has ever been.

Last season, reports were rife of cliques within the dressing room, frequent power-struggles and the ego of certain players becoming too big to handle.

“We looked and with football players clearly that is the first thing, the capabilities a player has,” he told United’s official website.

“The human being behind is also an important factor, but you can’t underestimate that. You need the right characters in your dressing room, not only if you want to win a game but if you want to win trophies.”

Martinez is said to be soo involved and popular within the group that he talks with everybody and refuses to allow players to sit by themselves.

Among Ten Hag’s rules include a need to maintain discipline which involves eating together not using phones while seated and talking to your fellow squad members in a bid to instill a more amiable environment.

ETH, the disciplinarian

The Dutchman’s no-nonsense attitude has been there for all to see, especially with his handling of the Cristiano Ronaldo saga. That has definitely won him admirers among the group.

“We have to, because we have huge ambition and if you have, you have to follow the highest standards and you have to live them every day.

“That is the only way to get better and to get improvement in. As I said, I’m happy with where we are now, but I also see in football a lot of elements for improvement.

“I have the feeling, we have the feeling, that we are in the right direction, but we also know that it’s still a lot of work to do for us here.”

His constant guidance and call for greater excellence should ideally translate into a successful season for the club, starved of success in recent years.

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