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Manchester United legend Darren Fletcher supports twin sons Manchester City signing

by Kuda Jinya

Manchester United legend Darren Fletcher is in a peculiar position. His two twin sons, Jack and Tyler, are on the cusp of signing for bitter rivals Manchester City. The City Football Club faithful already dote on the soon-to-be 16-year-old boys.

The Fletcher twins have risen to popularity through age groups.

Fletcher’s sons follow hotly on the heels of their esteemed father, both playing as midfielders (via The Daily Mail).

Their father is well-respected and well-loved for his past and present exploits.

Darren Fletcher, United’s current technical director, was an influential figure in Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United.

The Red Devils legend made 342 appearances for United, scoring 24 goals. Fletcher regards the 2008 Champions league as one of nine significant honours under Sir Alex Ferguson.

During Old Trafford’s hierarchical shakeup, Fletcher became technical director.

By then, his sons had already become permanent fixtures within the City academy.

While Fletcher opting to send his kids to the blue side of Manchester is not common practice, he is not the only parent whose children have sworn allegiance to United’s arch nemesis.

A bright future

The Fletchers have already become prized players in the City setup, each being offered one-year scholarship deals. If they accept, these scholarship deals will eventually convert into a professional agreement for three seasons.

Jack, whose play closely resembles his dad’s style, has already made an appearance for the City Under 18s.

The two starlets can represent either Scotland or England.

They have already done so for each nation but will only be required to commit to one when they progress to senior call-ups.

On the other hand, Tyler played for England’s Under 16s at the Football Federations Cup in Spain last month.

The diminutive tournament features just eight nations.

Whether in red or blue, the Fletchers are poised to impact the footballing world soon.

Most importantly, the boys have the unwavering support of their father.

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