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1958 to launch most ambitious protest yet against Glazers ahead of Man City match

by David O'Neill

The 1958 are planning an ambitious dual protest ahead of the Premier League match against Manchester City on Saturday.

“Today we release protest plans for the City game

“These are the most ambitious to-date

“A CO-ORDINATED protest from 2 locations

“We urge all fans who love our club to keep fighting until they are gone

“Be on the right side of history For you, for us, for each other The 1958”

The plan is to coordinate two separate protests, one from outside the Tollgate and another from the Gorse Hill Pub.

The former will begin at 11.30, with the latter starting ten minutes earlier. Both marches will then meet at the junction between Sir Matt Busby Way and Talbot Road.

In unison, they will then march on Old Trafford.

The event highlights the incredible frustration of United fans with the Glazer family, who have communicated little, and often in lies.

Their announcement months ago that a full sale would be considered appears laughable in some quarters, with an insurmountable asking price dissuading would-be bidders from considering a genuine approach for a full takeover.

Reports range from a £6bn valuation all the way up to £9bn, eclipsing the value of the Chelsea sale, which currently stands as the most valuable in football’s history.

Given the absolute neglect with which the Glazers have treated United’s facilities and infrastructure, any new owners would already have a bill in the billions to collect upon arrival at Old Trafford.

It appears as though Joel and Avram Glazer are intent on maintaining control of a club they have leeched the revenues from for seventeen years, since the moment of their leveraged buyout.

United fans are rightly sceptical of their promises and intimations and this protest – history in its scale – will make their voices heard.

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