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Manchester United’s controversial goal sparks debate in the football community

by Zoe Hodges

The football community is in uproar following Manchester United’s derby day victory over City.

City went ahead in the 60th minute as Jack Grealish came off the bench to head them into the lead but United dug deep to come back.

United’s equaliser by Bruno Fernandes was initially ruled out for offside against Marcus Rashford but VAR overturned the on-field decision.

Two minutes later, Rashford scored the winner and at the final whistle the City players surrounded the referee to protest about that equaliser.

In the BT studio, Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes reiterated the rules, justifying why the goal stood.

The drama didn’t end there though, as the players continued to moan in their post-match interviews alongside Pep Guardiola who said, “We know who we play, we know where we play.”

In the Final Score studio Martin Keown and Rachel Brown-Finnis agreed with Guardiola with Keown saying, “I think he’s right… it certainly affected the goalkeeper, Ederson comes out to deal with the on-rushing Rashford and he leaves it for Fernandes. VAR didn’t look at the goalkeeper.”

After the match, City defender Akanji raged, “To be honest the first goal is a joke, that is allowed like this. I saw Rashford, he was clearly offside, so I played him offside. He runs until the last second and he stops when the ball is in front of him and he’s right in front of Eddy, ready to score the goal, because Bruno Fernandes is shouting him.”

Rashford defended himself and the goal following the match saying, “I thought I went a bit early so I didn’t run. If I ran for the ball I would have just took it or shot or passed. I thought I was offside so I didn’t touch the ball. That’s all I can do in that situation and then it’s up to the referee and linesman. In my opinion I wasn’t involved in the play. I felt like it should have stood.”

Ten Hag admitted that if that decision had occurred and he was on the losing side, he would not be happy, “I could see on the other side that it confused the backline, that was clear. It is also the rule. I wouldn’t be happy if it was my team as well if we conceded a goal like this. I can see the disappointment in the other side, but I can also see the referee did well.”

The rest of the football community weighed in, with Petr Cech taking to twitter saying, “The first United goal just proved the people who make the rules don’t understand the game.”

Regardless of the uproar, Manchester United won’t be bothered as they took all three points and gained bragging rights over their neighbours.

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