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Glazers want a mammoth asking price of £8 billion for Manchester United

by Raj Dholakia

The Glazers reportedly want up to £8 billion for the sale of Manchester United.

In an interview with GiveMeSport, reporter Ben Jacobs stated that the United owners were in favour of a complete sale and aspire for an astounding £8 billion.

“What’s going to be interesting is the price the Glazers get.”

“We’ve seen estimations from a Forbes valuation at around £4.5 billion to an aspiration at the Glazers’ end to get above £8 billion.”

“The Glazers have always hoped they’ll get close to three times the sale valuation of Chelsea because they believe the Manchester United club brand is bigger.

“But those within the industry feel like that is a highly optimistic number and that anything above £5 billion will be seriously entertained.

“The more suitors, the more competition and the more the Glazers can stick to their valuation, the more that price might creep up towards £6 billion.

“So there’s a massive sliding scale on the projected price, and when you start talking about £8 billion or upwards, it puts off a variety of suitors.”

The mammoth asking price would cause many buyers to refrain from even attempting to buy the club.

It could prove detrimental to the sale of United as there would be few people willing to pay that much.

On a positive note, at that price, the buyer would be extraordinarily wealthy and would have the riches to make United great again.

In the next few weeks, fans should get more information regarding potential buyers.

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