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David May opens up on struggles after leaving Manchester United.

by Conner Botterill

Former Manchester United defender David May has opened up on his struggles after leaving the club.

As reported in The Daily Star, May admitted he found it tough after his time at Old Trafford come to an end.

Speaking to the club’s official podcast, the former centre half confessed he thought he career was over after leaving United.

“I did cry. I filled up thinking what do I do? My career is over, finished” he said.

May then told the tale of a twelve day bender, which included him drinking champagne with a homeless person.

“We were celebrating (winning the league) but needed to go to bed so I got a bottle of Krug champagne and left (the party). This tramp was on a bench in the gardens so I walked over and started chatting.

It must have been around one o’clock in the morning. Me and this tramp ended up drinking the bottle and that was the start of my 12-day bender,” he said.

May then added the boozing session was his way of coping with the depression he was suffering with at the time.

“That was just the start of a drinking marathon which nearly lasted a whole fortnight. That was probably the depression that I needed to get out of myself and I did that by drinking” he said.

May enjoyed a hugely successful spell at United and was part of the side that won the Treble in 1999.

In all the defender chalked up 116 appearances over the course of eight seasons at Old Trafford, which saw him lift six Premier League titles.

May signed for Burnley after leaving United but stayed at Turf Moor for just one season before confirming his retirement.

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