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Man United’s actions on Mason Greenwood suggest a decision has already been made on his future

by Red Billy

Will Mason Greenwood play for Manchester United again? It’s a huge question. It actually falls into two separate questions, will he do so? and should he do so?

The “should he do so” question arouses a lot of strong opinions. Some say despite having the charges against him of attempted rape and aggravated assault dropped, the video and audio evidence proves to most people’s satisfaction that he did, indeed, commit those crimes. Some argue that can’t be known for sure and that we have no right to jump to conclusions based on what we’ve seen on social media and in the press.

Even those who do think there is damning proof of his guilt are divided. There are those who are adamant that they do not want anyone with that moral compass – or lack of one – to represent their football club. There are those who say they will tear up their season ticket and/or never support the club again if he plays again. Some argue that there are other players plying their trade in the Premier League who have committed similar offences and that has been overlooked. And there are those people who argue that if Greenwood is remorseful and rehabilitated – if – then he should be given a chance to make amends and put the matter behind him.

There is no right and wrong in any of this. One person’s morals are not any better or higher than the next person’s. They are just different. We have to respect and accept those differences even when it’s hard and even when we passionately disagree.

However, United have to reach a moral decision as a club, so people at the club with all those differing views will have to get together and come to a joint decision. This is where the club is at now, having sent out to the media this week an indication that the decision will take until the end of the season and will not be taken before players – both men and women – are asked their opinion on whether they think he should be allowed to play for the club again.

This process can be taken at face value. It is a difficult decision. It should take time. However, there is also a theory, perhaps borne out by the way this has been reported in the press, that United are deliberately avoiding making a decision until the end of the season.

One reason for this that has been hinted at is that Erik ten Hag does not want the distraction of having to integrate Greenwood back in the side half-way through the campaign. That sounds like Erik, and makes sense. It is going to be a circus, to begin with at least, and there is a danger of the 21 year old’s presence disrupting the dressing room if teammates do not all agree that he should be there.

Another possible reason for the pre-planned delay is that the Glazers are simply going to avoid this moral minefield and leave the decision to the new owners, whoever they might be. There is also the possibility that if their decision would have been to terminate his contract, they are simply delaying the decision to avoid having to make that payment themselves.

But if the new owners take over the club by Easter as has been suggested, why would the current owners say no decision will be made until the summer? One explanation for that could be that the decision has, in fact, been made, but that it is not being made public.

If a secret decision has been made, then we can assume that it is to return Greenwood to the squad. If it was the opposite then there would be no need for delay beyond the takeover, or for secrecy. By leaving it until the end of the season, Greenwood could rejoin the squad during the close season, play his first games on tour and be eased back in without excess disruption. Logically, this seems the most likely explanation for the end of season delay.

Assuming Greenwood was able to pick up where he left off in his football career, he would instantly add value of around €100 million to United’s assets, such is the market at the moment and his incredible potential. The Glazers – and quite probably whoever takes over from them – are business people first and foremost and it seems likely they will grab that kind of money with both hands unless it really does lead to more harm than good.

This is all speculation, of course, but United’s actions so far in the Greenwood case certainly do seem to suggest that they are seriously considering reintegrating him into the first team squad. Whatever we as fans think about that, and whether the new owners will be aligned with the decision, it could be one of the last that the Glazers make in regard to the club.

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