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Ex-Manchester United defender claims Sir Alex Ferguson hit him with cricket bat

by Kuda Jinya

Highly-decorated Manchester United legend and ex-manager Sir Alex Ferguson has always been known for his unorthodox approach to management. Some might say his unique mentorship style is synonymous with ‘hairdryer treatment’.

However, even for United’s most accomplished manager, bludgeoning a player with a cricket bat seems a bit far-fetched or out there.

According to the victim himself, the iconic Red Devils manager did once hit a former defender with a cricket bat (via The Daily Star).

Career success

The United academy graduate turned United star left Old Trafford in 2011. Brown left with a trophy haul that most players can only dream of seven Premier League titles, two Champions Leagues, three League Cups, and two FA Cups.

He won just about every trophy there is to win, not once but twice with United.

The ex-United right-back also left the club with a host of Ferguson dressing room memories and stories that make for fascinating listening.

Among these memories, perhaps one stands out heads and shoulders above the rest for being bizarre – the legendary United manager’s reaction to news of Brown moving home.

Tough love

When asked on the Football Social Daily podcast if Sir Alex Ferguson did hit him with a cricket bat, Brown responded, “Correct.”

He added context, saying, “Yea he used to have this little cricket bat. I don’t know if it was signed by an Australian or New Zealand player.”

“He told me I had to move, and I told him where I was going to move to. Then he hit me with a cricket bat.”

The hit with the cricket bat should likely be described as a playful thump rather than a wild swing with malicious intent.

“It’s a little one, just a little whack over the head,” Brown chuckled.

After a moment of reflection, Brown added, “Saying that, he still whacks me now when I see him.”

The altercation between Ferguson and his former player perhaps only occurred because the manager was passionate about protecting the younger player from themselves and their youthful folly.

It’s a tale as old as time to see players with promise fall to the wayside because of the bright lights of football stardom.

Given the long list of trophies, Wes Brown lifted with United, it would be hard to fault Sir Alex Ferguson.

Unorthodox maybe.

Unique certainly.

Effective undoubtedly.


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