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Adidas design leak shows how Manchester United kit items could look

by David O'Neill

Adidas will adorn several Manchester United items, possibly including kits, will feature tricolour stripes.

The leak comes from Footy Headlines, who revealed that training kits will feature the three-stripe pattern.

As various items will include the design, it is also possible that matchday items will use them as well.

The training wear items will be coloured white, green, and red.

This is in line with the club’s matchday colours, with red and white obviously used for home games.

United’s goalkeeping kits are commonly green, which explains Adidas’ use of that coloured stripe in the tricolour.

There is also the historical use of green and gold in the Red Devils’ history, although it is highly unlikely that such a fact was behind the manufacturer’s thinking.

In the images which have been leaked, a black background is on display, but it is probable that other settings will be used.

Real Madrid training wear items will also feature the tricolour pattern. Although the colour of their stripes will be dark navy, gold, and light turquoise.

Each of those colours have been used as either a main or accented colour for Madrid kits in the past.

Manchester United and Real Madrid are the only elite teams who will have club items featuring the tricolour stripe design.

Footy Headlines estimates that the chances of the pattern featuring on kits as around 50/50, with it being more likely for the design to be used for away or third kits.

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