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Video and picture: Glazers out campaigners get last laugh despite attempts to silence them

by David O'Neill

Manchester United overcame Newcastle in their Carabao Cup final yesterday, but for some, the presence of Avram Glazer was an unwelcome blemish on the affair.

The hugely unpopular Glazer family appears to have stalled over selling the club, with some believing that the professional parasites never had any intention of leaving the club after all.

That has angered fans, to say the least, and with the co-owner making a rare appearance for United’s showdown, they made their feelings known.

Before the Red Devils pulled ahead with Casemiro’s header, chants of “Sell United and f**k off home” and “We want Glazers out” could be heard from the United section of Wembley Stadium.

Meanwhile banners adorned with phrases such as “For the love, not the greed”, “We want our club back” and “Glazers out,” were seen, with many pointed directly at Glazer.

Some banners never made it into the stadium, however, with videos, such as the one below, circulating online of stewards confiscating green and gold flags.

Nevertheless, the fans made their feelings clear: it is time for Avram Glazer and his ilk to leave the club.

The leeching of club resources at the cost of improvements to infrastructure has left the club behind its fiercest rivals in many key areas, a fact that fans can no longer abide.

The lack of success since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement has only underlined this sorry state of affairs as it has become clear that the legendary manager was holding together an impossible situation for years.

And while there has been a newfound sense of optimism under the management of Erik ten Hag this season, it is clear that, for it to continue, the rattail in the room must be removed.

Glazers’ refusal to deal with potential bidders for anything other than an asking price well above Manchester United’s market value will only make scenes such as yesterday’s more uncomfortable for the Tampa Bay family.

With the takeover saga rumbling on, supporters will continue to enjoy Ten Hag’s triumph, but they will not forget nor forgive the damage Avram Glazer has done.

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