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Jurgen Klopp says Manchester United are firmly in this season’s title race

by Conner Botterill

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has spoken to the press before Manchester United’s visit to Anfield, on Sunday.

As reported by The Athletic, Klopp has heaped praise on United, as the rivals prepare to meet in a heavyweight clash this weekend.

The Liverpool boss says he has been impressed by United’s form and mentality this season.

“They have turned into a results machine. They are squeezing results out with some really good performances. Top football, and if it is not going so well, they still get results,” he said.

Klopp believes that United’s form has put them firmly in this season’s Premier League title race.

“That’s why they are there. Everyone knows it, they are fully in a fight to win the league,” Klopp asserted.

The German, who is in his seventh season in charge at Liverpool, said that he hasn’t missed United being a threat to the top of the table and admits he now knows how it feels to be on the other side of the form book, going into the fixture.

“I didn’t miss them! I can imagine how annoying it was (for United) when people were saying Klopp is doing this and doing that, outstanding (work),” he said.

Klopp also reserved special praise for United forward Marcus Rashford, who he is happy to see return to form, despite being Liverpool boss.

“It’s pretty much impossible to be happy about something positive at Manchester United when you are the Liverpool manager but am really happy for Rashford because he had a very difficult last year where he was not performing on the level that he is able to perform. Now he is playing incredible. His speed, his technique — it is a mix of everything,” he said.

United travel to Merseyside looking for their first Anfield win since 2016, when a solitary Wayne Rooney strike gave Louis van Gaal’s side a 1-0 win.

Since that victory United have probably not been in a better place going into the famous old fixture than they are right now.

Erik ten Hag’s men have just secured their first trophy in the six years and have the confidence and belief in getting a result against anyone.

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