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Graeme Souness warns Casemiro that he is now a “marked man” among English referees

by Derick Kinoti

Former Liverpool player and current TV pundit Graeme Souness has warned that Manchester United player Casemiro is now a marked man in the Premier League.

Souness’s warning comes after Casemiro was sent off at Old Trafford against Southampton to earn himself a four-game ban.

Casemiro will serve the first of his ban on Sunday as United clash against Fulham in the FA Cup.

Writing for The Daily Mail, Souness remarked that the Brazilian will find it hard to shake off his new-found status among match officials in the league.

“Casemiro at Manchester United is not a dirty player, either, but he does have a record. Consider this: in his last three-and-a-half seasons for Manchester United and Real Madrid, he has been booked 53 times! That is astonishing!

“He has also been sent off three times, his latest red coming against Southampton last weekend. As I say, I don’t think he is a malicious player but over the course of his 10-year career he has averaged about 15 yellows a season and you don’t rack up numbers like those by accident.”

The ex-Liverpool player added, “The upshot of his second red card for United in a short space of time is that when he returns from his four-game ban he will find referees looking out for him — and not in a good way.”

Souness wrote that during his playing days, like Casemiro, he enjoyed a physical battle and the hardness of the game.

The 69-year-old pointed out that the difference is that he knew how to control himself and not frequently given his marching orders.

“My point is that I knew how to keep myself in check, on the whole.”

Ahead of the Fulham game, Erik ten Hag reiterated Casemiro’s importance to the team.

Ten Hag also noted that the Red Devils have won in the past without the 31-year-old and they will need to do so again in his absence.

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