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Thomas Zilliacus claims to have submitted second Man United bid

by Red Billy

Finnish entrepreneur Thomas Zilliacus has issued another press statement this morning regarding the sale of Manchester United.

The businessman popped up on Thursday with a bizarre claim that he had submitted a bid to buy 50% of United with the other half to be divided equally by the millions of fans around the world paying $3 each.

In today’s new press release, he claims to have submitted an increased bid after an offer to go in with frontrunners Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad al Thani and Sir Jim Ratcliffe on a deal to buy the club fell on deaf ears.

“I have appealed to my two main rivals, Jim Ratcliffe and Sheik Jassim, to join forces with me so that we buy the club together and that way channel more money to the club for everything from player aqcuisition to stadium upgrades,” Zilliacus said.

“I however have not received any reply, so XXI Century Capital has increased its bid. We believe our offer, which includes fans involvment [sic] in never before seen ways as well as values that the future of the club will be built on, is the best for the club and its fans.”

The eccentric millionaire is making these claims, as United Peoples TV’s Sam Peoples says, “despite no confirmation any bid ever went in and no proof of funds. These public statements would also break the NDA other bidders are under…if he’d signed one.”

Zilliacus claims to have the support and backing of the fans, “who say they want to see our bid win.”

He then goes on to repeat himself in the statement about being ghosted by Ratcliffe and Qatar, before asserting:

“We are dead serious in our wish to buy the club.

“We will make it the world’s best club and we will significantly grow the already massive fan base around the world by offering fans everywhere unprecedented ways to be involved an to communicate with the club and the players.”

Meanwhile, the club still awaits a second bid from the Sheikh after he missed Wednesday’s deadline for the second round.

The process, which had been intended to be wrapped up by the end of this month, is currently descending into a fiasco as the Glazer family plays mind games to try to elicit higher bids from the (serious) bidders and they, in turn, do everything in their power to beat each other and keep the price down.


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