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Manchester United’s Brandon Williams caught inhaling ‘hippy crack’

by Kuda Jinya

Manchester United star Brandon Williams was seen allegedly inhaling nitrous oxide from a balloon. The alleged inhaling occurred near United’s training ground which makes matters worse.

Sitting in the passenger seat of a Mercedes Brabus supercar, the starlet was seen with a balloon in his mouth as he handed a friend a nitrous oxide canister.

While regarded as a ‘legal high’, many fans will frown upon news of the behaviour.

A witness told The Sun, “It was so obvious to anyone driving by what he was doing.

“Anyone who follows United or football seriously would have recognised him instantly. It’s irresponsible considering he’s a public figure.

“He’s meant to be a role model for youngsters and upcoming footballers. Taking that rubbish, especially so casually, could be hindering his ability on the pitch.

“There is no doubt his manager will not be impressed by it. He expects his players to be completely devoted to their career, especially when they are attempting to break into the side.”

Legal high, shunned habit

Nitrous Oxide, an anaesthetic gas, is popular among British youth. When inhaled, the substance offers a momentary euphoric high. The light-headed euphoria is not without its risks.

Drug use is associated with heart attacks and brain damage, while extended abuse can lead to memory loss and vitamin deficiency.

Possession of the drug is not a criminal offence. However, supplying nitrous oxide to get high is illegal.

Cause for concern

Home Secretary Suella Braverman recently committed to taking new measures to stifle the “unacceptable” use of the gas.

She said, “I am clear that the use and proliferation of nitrous oxide is unacceptable, and we will be announcing new measures soon.”

Mancunian Williams has only enjoyed five minutes of playing time under boss Erik ten Hag this season. News of this misdemeanour won’t be taken lightly or help his cause.

The player had joined the Red Devils back in 2008, rising through the ranks to make 51 professional appearances.

After a torrid time trying to break into the senior side, the defender has been linked with a possible move to Middlesbrough next season.


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