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The neglect shown to The Cliff a prime example of Glazer mismanagement

by David O'Neill

George Best, Duncan Edwards, and Sir Bobby Charlton. Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, and Paul Scholes. Legends were grafted at The Cliff.

It was where Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson created their legacies, sculpting the talents that would go onto achieve the unthinkable.

The Cliff may have been replaced by Carrington at the turn of the millennia, but the history of the place is woven into the fabric of Manchester United Football Club.

“If you want to know about the Glazers and what they feel about the club get yourself to The Cliff,” a source told The Daily Mail.

“The place should be a museum, somewhere to be proud of. But it’s had hardly any money spent on it in 20 years and it is falling to bits. It’s shameful and it shows that the Americans do not care.”

The report goes on to describe the bleak outcome of the Glazer’s reign, with the once-great Cliff now falling to desolation.

Surrounded by scaffolding, The Cliff is marred by graffiti on the walls, while the main entrance houses cracked windows and dislodged paving stones.

It was even thought to have been condemned at one point, however that has been denied by Salford council.

“It’s utterly heart-breaking,” another insider told the Daily Mail.

“You read about Old Trafford and all the money that needs to be spent on it, the roof leaking – the real neglect is at The Cliff. This place should be sparkling, looked after forever. It’s not had any investment in years.”

It has been almost twenty years since any money has been spent on The Cliff – The Glazers have most certainly not considered any outlay at any point during their tenure.

Of the many hopes that Manchester United fans will have under a new regime will be that this site will be treated as it should – a vital part of the club’s incredible history.

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