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Manchester United’s Leah Galton discusses decision to turn down England

by Zoe Hodges

As teammates Mary Earps, Alessia Russo, Maya Le Tissier and Ella Toone arrived at the England camp last night, Leah Galton felt no jealousy.

When the latest squad announcement came, there was uproar Galton’s name did not appear and she has spoke to Emma Sanders at the BBC to clarify her decision not to be involved on international duty.

Galton asked not to be involved in the Lionesses set-up in 2019 and she is not reversing her decision.

“Right now it’s hard. I’m really getting my balance right,” said Galton.

She continued, “I’m not going away and travelling on international camps so I have time off and time to be a normal person in a sense. I can go away with my family and have overnight stays with them.”

“That’s where I’m getting the balance right. It worries me a little bit that if I change that, I wouldn’t have that balance.”

With the World Cup fast approaching, Galton remains one of the best players outside of the England squad.

She has three assists and eight goals so far this season from 15 games.

“It’s always nice to hear England are asking where my head is at because you can see the talents of those players and to be compared to that is nice. But I’m so happy right now doing what I’m doing.”

Galton was selected for England after she joined Manchester United for two friendlies against Germany and the Czech Republic.

At the time, manager Casey Stoney said Galton was “just starting to fall back in love” with football.

She had previously taken time away from the sport after a spell at Bayern Munich.

Galton says many people find it “hard” to accept and understand her decision but says, “I think if they can’t understand it, then that’s on them.”

“I just want people to be able to see it from my point of view and I’ll happily talk about it because it doesn’t bother me. I know some people still think: ‘What’s she doing? Why is she turning down this?'”

She continued, “Until they’re in this situation, playing every day and are in this line of work, I don’t think they would ever understand.”

Galton supports her teammates who are away though and thinks they’ll do well in the World Cup this summer.

Galton and Manchester United are seeking a Champions League spot next season and are currently in a four way battle for the WSL title.

“Playing at the big stadiums is where I’ve felt I’ve played my best. I’ve really enjoyed showing everyone how good we are as a team,” Galton says as United look to upset the apple cart of the ‘big three’.

“I’ve never been in the Champions League before so I want to get there and showcase myself to the world. I want to play against teams we’ve never played before and see how we compete.”

“I love proving people wrong; it’s the best feeling ever. Yes, there is pressure, but we haven’t done it before so there’s not pressure to regain the title.”

Galton says the difference in United this year is down to their mentality and belief that they can go on and win important games and competitions.

“Even if we drop points or concede, we still have belief that we’re going to bring the game back,” Galton says.

“It’s that feeling you can see in the team this time. It’s not just saying it, you can actually feel it – so you can definitely believe it.”

United will face Brighton after the International break in the semi-final of the FA Cup at Leigh Sports village.

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