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Football Association chooses Manchester City’s Etihad stadium over Manchester United’s Old Trafford for Euro 2028

by Red Billy

The Glazer family’s neglect of Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium has finally reached a point where it is now officially the second best football stadium in Manchester.

Old Trafford was once a state-of-the-art stadium and the envy of many but there has been almost zero investment in the eighteen years since the parasitic family grabbed ownership of the club with a hostile takeover.

The decay is an open secret but has been confirmed by a decision taken by the Football Association this week to put the Etihad Stadium forward as Manchester’s venue in their 2028 European Championship bid.

According to The Times’ Martyn Ziegler, “Manchester City’s stadium is set to be named as a host venue, ahead of Old Trafford, for the British and Irish bid for Euro 2028.

“There will be six English venues, with Wembley Stadium put forward as the venue for the final.

“It is understood that City’s 53,400-seater Etihad Stadium is seen as being more modern and its capacity is set to be increased to 60,000. Old Trafford has a greater capacity of 74,300 seats, but is seen as being in need of an upgrade, with development planned.

It is a horrific indictment of the state of the ground, but United’s PR people have had the audacity to try to spin this into something positive, claiming that planned improvements to the stadium were the reason for the rejection.

The United statement read “Manchester United were pleased to put Old Trafford forward as a potential host of Uefa Euro 2028 matches and proud of the strong case we made.

“However, during follow-up discussions with the FA, it became clear that we were unable to provide the necessary certainty around the availability of Old Trafford due to potential redevelopment of the stadium.

“As a result, we have mutually agreed to withdraw from the shortlist of potential hosts.

“We are committed to maintaining Old Trafford’s status as the largest and most iconic club football ground in England and look forward to future opportunities to host international matches and major events at ‘the Theatre of Dreams’.

“Everyone at Manchester United wishes the FA the best of luck with the bid to host the tournament in 2028.”

The statement doesn’t even make sense. If United were really planning to redevelop the stadium, why would they have bid in the first place?

The timing of the news is ironic as the Glazers try to squeeze extra money from would-be buyers who have already bid amounts almost double the true value of the club.

The Americans will continue to take as much out of the club as possible and put in as little as possible until the moment they finally get out of Dodge City.

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