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How long will Marcus Rashford be out if he has a groin injury?

by Red Billy

The last thing Manchester United needed yesterday as they tried to close out their Premier League match with Everton was for star man Marcus Rashford to pick up an injury, but that is exactly what happened.

Rashford went for a cross near the six yard box and was seen holding his inner pelvic area, leading many observers to believe that he had suffered a groin strain.

This is yet to be confirmed by the club, but if it is the correct diagnosis, how long will it be before United fans can expect to see their number 10 back in action?

This depends on the specific type of groin injury sustained and the degree of damage. The area Rashford was holding suggests it could have been an inguinal canal or adductor-related injury.

The former could heal very quickly and we could see Rashford back in action in around three weeks.

The latter can be more serious and take up to 16 weeks to heal.

In general, United’s physios will look to grade the groin strain. According to supacore.com, “Grade 1 strains will take 1 to 2 weeks of rest before a person can return to exercise. Normal movement, such as walking, should be possible within a few days.

“Grade 2 strains may take 3 to 6 weeks to heal fully.

“Grade 3 strains happen when most or all of the muscle is torn. The muscle can take 3 to 4 months to repair completely.”

Whether the injury involves muscle or tendon will also affect recovery time, with tendon damage normally taking longer to heal.

The best case scenario for Rashford is likely to be a two-week absence, which would rule him out of both legs of the Europa League quarter final against Sevilla and the Premier League matches against Nottingham Forest and Brighton (both away from home). He would also be touch and go for the crunch match against Spurs on the 27th April.

The worst case scenario could see the England man miss the rest of the season. There are seven weeks left of 2022/23.

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