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Simon Jordan calls out Manchester United fans for attitude towards Glazers

by Conner Botterill
Glazers Out

Simon Jordan has criticized Manchester United fans for their protests against the Glazer family’s ownership of the club.

As reported by The Mirror, the former Crystal Palace chairman has called out sections of United support for their eagerness for a Qatari-backed takeover.

Jordan branded United fans entitled and hypocrites, citing their attitude toward City’s Qatari funded takeover back in 2008.

“The behaviour of certain Manchester United fans regarding the imminent takeover beggars belief – they embody the new generation of entitlement. Their hypocrisy and double standards are so steeped in a lack of self-awareness that it borders on the staggering,” said Jordan.

The talkSPORT pundit then explained what he believes United fans’ issue with the Glazer’s handling of the club to be, before swiftly telling them to “get over it”.

“United fans’ aversion to their current owners, the Glazers, is based around the fact they had the audacity to buy the club in part with other people’s money and carried debt.

“Oh boo hoo, get over it. If leveraged purchases are so awful, why do the majority of businesses get bought that way?” he said.

United fans have been protesting against the Glazers since they gained control of the club in 2005.

The club has stagnated since the American family took over, falling behind their rivals both on and off the pitch.

Furthermore, the Glazers have continued to take dividends out of the club despite consistent failure as well as failing to invest in infrastructure of the club.

United fans will continue to protest against the Glazer family until their rein at the club is not over.

Hopefully, change is coming. The club are in the process of a sale which would see the rising of a new era at Old Trafford.


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