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Manchester United stand to make millions on sales of new home shirt

by Adam Leadbeater

Manchester United are set to earn almost £10 million from sales of their new 2023/24 home shirt.

The Red Devils will make a handsome profit with their latest jersey priced at £80 – that’s a £10 increase from the previous season’s offering.

All 10 Premier League sides announced price hikes on their most recent designs of between nine and 14 percent with Manchester United at the very top end of that rise.

United stand to make a reported £4.80 profit on every shirt purchased through a ‘licence fee’.

Typically the club sells just shy of two million shirts year-on-year with 1.95 million jerseys sold in 2021.

United will take a 16 per cent cut of every unit sold and as a result can expect to make an estimated £9.4 million from global shirt sales alone.

The club saw monumental sales figures during 2022 with over 3.2 million pieces purchased which was largely driven by the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo and the draw of his iconic number 7 shirt.

“United made £13.1million from sales of Ronaldo’s shirt in the first 10 days following his arrival,” reports suggested.

If buyers want to add official Premier League badges along with a name and number then the overall price of a new shirt rises to £100.

“The ‘basic’ cost of making a ‘typical’ £80 shirt is just £8 per unit,” German sports marketing expert Dr Peter Rohlmann was quoted as saying by The Daily Mail. “Or 10 per cent of the sales price.”

Other cuts include manufacturing brand Adidas who earn £23.47 on every sale whilst £2.40 is spent on marketing.

However, the biggest winners are retailers with shops taking £26.40 from every £80 shirt sold.

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