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Roy Keane makes rare appearance in promotional video for Manchester United

by David O'Neill

Roy Keane has sent Manchester United fans into rapture by appearing in a promotional video for the club.

In the short video, a black screen gives way to the Old Trafford corridor.

Out of the darkness steps Keane, before the screen cuts to the Adidas logo.

The video more than likely relates to the launch of Man United third kit, which is due tomorrow.

It is fairly unusual for Roy Keane to lend his name and time to promotional material such as this, but it would appear the Irishman made an exception on this occasion.

Given that it is thirty years since he signed for United, there is a link to be made, however tenuous it may be.

Further promotional material, involving Keane, is likely to be along tomorrow, with the announcement and unveiling of the third kit sure to come with fanfare from the club.

The kit is confirmed to be white and, in a design twist, will feature a red devil in place of the club crest.

While only a short video accompanied by a cryptic tweet, the promotion does seem to have kicked up a bit of a storm.

Roy Keane’s rare involvement certainly goes some way to explaining that, as it is difficult to imagine many fans being all that concerned about the third kit.

Considering how long fans have been waiting for a resolution to the ongoing takeover saga, the tweet itself is perhaps rather tone deaf in reading “You’ve waited this long.”

That particular ‘launch’ still seems a long way down the road, but as least fans now have a choice of three kits on which to fork out their hard-earned cash.

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