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Mason Greenwood’s entourage threatened to destroy filmmaker’s equipment

by Derick Kinoti

A member of Mason Greenwood’s entourage threatened to destroy a filmmaker’s equipment as he took footage of the forward training.

Greenwood has not competitively played for Manchester United since January 2022, when he was arrested and subsequently charged with attempted rape, controlling behaviour and assault.

The Crown Prosecution Service later dropped all charges against him, citing the withdrawal of key witnesses from the case.

Since then, United have been conducting their own internal investigation into the matter. The conclusions of this inquiry will decide whether Greenwood will be re-integrated into the team or allowed to leave United.

A conclusive and final decision is expected this week, before the club’s opening Premier League tie against Wolves on August 14.

A video of Greenwood recently surfaced, which showed him being taken through the paces as the player eyes a return to action in a bid to revive his career.

In the video, the 21-year-old could be seen undertaking shooting drills.

According to The Daily Mail, Greenwood has been training alone under the supervision of his father Andrew. During his latest session, his entourage clashed heads with a filmmaker.

“John Gubba, who runs the Man Utd The Religion YouTube channel, revealed in a video that Greenwood’s entourage took exception to him filming one of these training sessions.

“Gubba’s video shows Greenwood taking part in some shooting practice in what the filmmaker says was a publicly accessible venue with no security and away from Manchester United.”

Gubba says a “thug” from Greenwood’s entourage told him, “If you weren’t surrounded by witnesses we would rip that camera out of your hand and destroy your equipment.”

The filmmaker also disclosed to The Mail, “It was clear Greenwood was far from peak condition’ but his unmistakable shooting technique was still there.”

The striker’s current contract runs until 2025.

United have the option to extend this by an extra year. As the clock ticks, all eyes are on the Red Devils and which choice of action they choose to take with respect to Greenwood and his immediate future.

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