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Mason Greenwood latest: MUST to canvas Manchester United fanbase

by David O'Neill

Mason Greenwood’s Manchester United future might be just days away from being decided, presuming Richard Arnold has not already made his mind up.

As discussed in The Peoples Person’s explainer, it will be down to Arnold to make the final call over the forward’s potential reintegration into the men’s senior team.

While it seems as though a decision was made on the matter, the backlash from fans – along with the disgraceful social media abuse a Man United Women’s Team players on international duty have faced – may well lead to a change of heart from the club’s chief executive officer.

The Manchester United Supporter’s Trust are also conducting a consultation process in order to canvas the viewpoints of the fanbase.

As reported by The Daily Mail, the process will involve an anonymous online survey, which will be unpublished and fed directly to the club.

Whether it will has any influence on Richard Arnold’s final decision is unclear, although one would suspect it would be unlikely to do so.

“We do not wish to lead members to submit any particular viewpoint,” said MUST, “Nor make anyone feel excluded, so it is entirely at your discretion to use (or not use) this opportunity to have your views presented to the club,’ MUST said.

“We have notified the club that we will be conducting this process but we cannot offer any view on how the club will choose to utilise the feedback they receive.”

MUST are also planning to submit further finding of their consultation process after the decision over Greenwood’s future has been announced, although it is unclear what that will be made up of.

Some fans have already taken it upon themselves to email Richard Arnold directly, with one who had planned to protest outside the CEO’s house last summer, sending the following message:

“Hello Richard.

“We have met before at your local pub and you talk a good game but your [sic] morals are an absolute disgrace.

“How can you even be thinking about bringing a rapist back to the club to be a role model to youngsters not to mention you[ng] women and girls.

“It’s obvious that a decision to bring him back is just a financial one rather than acting like a decent club who I thought had values, I don’t even recognise the club I have loved all my life.

“Please rethink your decision to allow someone like Greenwood to play for our great club.

“Thanks, Paul.

“P.S Sir Matt Busby would be absolutely ashamed of how you’re dealing with this.”

Much of that sentiment seems to be widespread among the Manchester United fanbase.

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