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Manchester United miss out on Tyrese Noubissie to Manchester City

by Raj Dholakia

Manchester United have missed out the signing of Tyrese Noubissie to their city rivals.

The 14 year old French midfielder has decided to join Manchester City.

Noubissie, who has been making waves in the youth circuits, was reportedly on the radar of several top clubs, including Chelsea, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Arsenal, and of course, Manchester United.

However, it was Man City who managed to clinch the deal, securing the youngster for a reported £1 million, inclusive of bonuses.

The midfielder is set to join City’s under-16 side and is already being touted as a future star.

From a United perspective, this is yet another missed opportunity to bolster their youth ranks with a player of immense potential.

Over the past few years, City have been making significant strides in their youth recruitment, focusing on identifying and nurturing young talents.

Their state-of-the-art training facilities and clear pathways to the first team have made them an attractive destination for emerging players.

United, with their rich history of developing young players – from the Class of ’92 to more recent stars like Marcus Rashford – should be leading the charge in such pursuits. However, recent events suggest a potential gap in their scouting and recruitment processes.

Noubissie’s decision to choose City over United might be indicative of a shifting balance of power in Manchester, at least in terms of youth development. While United have always prided themselves on their academy, City’s recent investments and successes in this area cannot be ignored.

Born in Livingston, Noubissie’s eligibility for multiple national teams, including Scotland, England, Cameroon, and France, adds another layer to his appeal.

His versatility and potential would have been a significant asset to United’s youth setup.

As the Red Devils reflect on this missed opportunity, it’s crucial for them to reassess their approach to youth recruitment.

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