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The majority of fans do not want Mason Greenwood back, poll results suggest

by Darragh Fox

Nearly 60% of Manchester United fans do not want to see Mason Greenwood reinstated into the first-team squad, according to a poll by The Athletic. 

A detailed plan by Manchester United – designed to slowly reintegrate the forward at Old Trafford over the coming months – had been leaked earlier in the week, placing the club’s hierarchy under mounting levels of pressure.

The reaction to this proposal has been met with vitriol from every corner of the United fanbase.

Conducted on The Athletic’s website, fans were asked to vote on the question: Should Mason Greenwood play for Manchester United again?

58.1% of responders voted “No”, while 13.1% of fans voted for the “Not sure yet” option. Just over a quarter – 28.8% – wish to see Greenwood return to Old Trafford.

This poll reflects the range of criticism the club has received this week, which has reportedly sent the senior leadership team at United into a state of panic.

77.6% of responders voted “No” to the question: Are you happy with how the club has communicated its process so far? This suggests the manner in which United have conducted their choice is even more damningly poor in the eyes of its fanbase, than the actual choice itself.

18.6% of fans went as far as voting “No” to the question – “Would you continue to support Manchester United if Mason Greenwood returned to the first team? – while a further 20.3% said they were “Not sure yet.”

The fact that nearly 1 in 5 United fans would firmly withdraw their support from their club demonstrates what a fundamentally emotive topic this is for the fanbase.

And the incompetent manner in which the club has handled the situation has only exacerbated things; an issue United officials have had more than six months to prepare for.

The leaked plan to bring Greenwood back into the fold at Old Trafford has ensured the club has been subject to a level of attack from its own fanbase never seen before; to such an extent, senior figures at Old Trafford are now said to be reconsidering their initial plan to bring Greenwood back.

The Athletic‘s poll indicates this reconsideration will be an overwhelmingly popular decision for the majority of United fans.

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