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Mason Greenwood statement: Forward rejects accusations on him, accepts “mistakes in my relationship”

by Vatsal Gupta

After a long process of deliberation, Manchester United have finally announced their decision on the most pressing matter affecting the club. Mason Greenwood’s statement has come in response to the club’s decision to not reinstate him into the team.

Mason Greenwood’s statement reads the following:

Mason Greenwood statement

“Today’s decision has been part of a collaborative process between Manchester United, my family and me. The best decision for us all is for me to continue my football career away from Old Trafford, where my presence will not be a distraction for the club. I thank the club for their support since I joined aged seven. There will always be a part of me which is United.

“I am enormously grateful to my family and all my loved ones for their support, and it is now for me to repay the trust those around me have shown. I intend to be a better footballer, but most importantly a good father, a better person, and to use my talents in a positive way on and off the pitch.

“I did not do the things I was accused of, and in February I was cleared of all charges. However, I fully accept I made mistakes in my relationship.”


He, like United in their statement, maintained that he is innocent. Richard Arnold said in his open letter that the media in the public domain which started it all was only a small part of a longer recording.

Man United CEO Richard Arnold said in his statement that the alleged victim requested the authorities to drop the charges in April 2022.

He also said that “adequate explanations” were provided for the images posted online which showed the alleged victim in distress.

The club had initially planned to bring Greenwood back, but amid intense backlash from the public, have reportedly made this U-turn.

Richard Arnold has said in his statement that the club will “continue to support” Mason and the alleged victim.

The next step is expected to be finding a new club for him. Now that all charges against him have been dropped, it is likely that the options for Mason Greenwood’s next club will be plenty.

Innocent or not, Greenwood’s name had dominated the public discourse, hardly an ideal backdrop to preparing for the new season.

Now that the final decision has been made, every party can move forward with their lives and clarity over the player’s future will also help the team and manager to make plans accordingly.

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