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Lisandro Martinez reveals the feeling in the Man United dressing room after poor start to the season

by Derick Kinoti

Lisandro Martinez has revealed that both he and his teammates are still positive and hungry for trophies despite their poor start to the season.

Manchester United were fortunate to emerge victorious against Wolverhampton Wanderers during the club’s opening tie of the campaign courtesy of a second-half goal from Raphael Varane.

United were not so lucky last weekend as they suffered a 2-0 at the hands of Tottenham Hotspur in another horrible performance.

The Red Devils’ start almost mirrors the nightmare beginning they endured last term, marked by successive losses to Brighton and Brentford.

Martinez spoke to GQ and said that just like last time, the team’s current predicament is no different and they will bounce back.

“I have a good feeling. There’s an incredible energy in this team, a big ambition, a strength, a hunger to win titles and taste glory. Honestly, we feel like a team and not just the players. I’m including the kit men, the doctors, the trainer and his staff.”

“We’re fortunate to be at one of the best clubs in the world, we’re conscious and thankful for that so we will work, work and then work some more.”

He recalled the manner in which his side, spearheaded by Erik ten Hag, overcame adversity last season, eventually seeing the club win the Carabao Cup and manage a top four finish.

“We reversed the situation against Liverpool. Much of the team was new for those games against Brighton and Brentford. We were still building our connection. You can’t just arrive in a changing room and have a perfect understanding with people you’ve just met. It takes time and work.”

He told Andy Mitten, “We were so determined for that Liverpool game, we started to connect better. We beat Liverpool. It was phenomenal. I also felt the connection with the fans for the first time.”

The World Cup winner mentioned that he is no stranger to significant obstacles. He added that English football is completely different to that to which he was accustomed at Ajax.

The 25-year-old pinpointed the Premier League’s physicality, play dynamics and the quality of players as the primary traits that distinguish it from the Eredivisie.

Martinez went on to express his gratitude to United fans once more for the support they’ve shown him since he arrived at Old Trafford.

He remarked that it makes him feel very proud when supporters chant “Argentina!”

The defender opined that it’s this kind of passion that ultimately drives him and motivates him to always give 100% on the pitch.

He looked back to when he sustained a season-ending injury during United’s Europa League clash against Sevilla, when the Red Devils appeared to be cruising and in control before the situation quickly changed.

Sevilla would go on to knock Ten Hag’s men out of the competition before eventually winning it.

Martinez disclosed that he was surprisingly positive despite the massive setback.

“I felt a thousand different emotions [that night]. I was carried off the pitch by two opponents, players from my country. My girlfriend was crying a lot in the dressing room. Me? I felt positive. I said to myself: What can I do to control this situation? Yes, it was serious. But I thought OK, this is a message. A message for me to be positive, to work, to recuperate and not just to return, but to return a much better player.”

“And now I’m already a better player. Sometimes things happen for a reason. Football is very honest. We should have scored four goals against Sevilla, we didn’t. There’s a lesson there. We must learn and come back stronger. And I must do the same.”

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