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Antony goes on Brazilian TV to defend himself against domestic violence allegations

by Red Billy

Manchester United star Antony has once again responded to allegations of domestic violence levelled against him by his former partner, Gabriela Cavallin.

Speaking on Brazilian TV (via The Mail’s Chris Wheeler), the Brazilian addressed specific claims one by one, insisting he does not fear for his United future.

The 23 year old said “The truth always comes out. United are on top of the whole inquiry.”

In response to the claim that a physical assault led to Cavallin needing to replace a breast implant, Antony said there was a pre-existing issue with the implant and it already needed replacing.

“Do I punch a woman in the chest? Never.” he said.

“The situation with her silicone was diagnosed in 2020 before I met her. She already had to change it”, Wheeler relays.

“At no time did I touch her. I’m never going to headbutt a person.”

He explained in regard to the incident in the Manchester hotel room that they had been having lunch together but then an argument developed when he said he had to leave.

“I tried to leave and she wouldn’t let me. Then she broke glasses and plates. She threw it on the ground and threw it in my direction as well. She came to me. At that moment, I held her. At no point did I squeeze her. I didn’t head-butt her.”

He also denied Cavallin’s claim that he tried to throw her out of a moving car, saying:

“(Physical) aggression, no. I never touched her.”

“She started to change inside the car. She started calling me rubbish again. She said he was going to end my life and my career. She always said that. I was in the car and I was quiet. There’s a lot of things she’s saying that aren’t true.”

Of the incident in which Antony allegedly cut his partner’s finger, he explained:

“It’s a lie, of course it didn’t happen… We were at a barbecue, there was pagoda, everything normal, normal environment. She was drinking heavily, and I asked her to stop drinking.

‘When I pulled the cup, she locked and held on. The rod snapped and cut her finger. I didn’t even pull, she pushed down. So, I wanted to take the glass off her because she was drinking too much. I’m never going to throw a cup in a woman’s or anyone’s face, ever.”

Antony also claimed that the Whatsapp conversation between them had been doctored by Cavallin and that he had evidence to prove it.

The international break could not have come at a better time for United given everything that is going on off the pitch. Antony’s drama is yet another distracting and unpleasant scandal that closely follows the attempted reinstatement of Mason Greenwood and the much less serious, but nonetheless unpleasant rift between yet another young winger, Jadon Sancho, and the manager.

All this is occurring against a backdrop of increasing unrest and mounting protests over the club’s ownership, a situation that everyone had hoped and expected would have been resolved by now.

It is not an easy time to be a Manchester United fan.

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