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Antony’s legal troubles take shocking turn as new leaked transcripts of secret talks emerge

by Derick Kinoti

Antony’s legal battle against a number of allegations made against him by multiple women for among other things sexual assault, causing bodily harm and making threats has taken a new and surprising turn.

The Manchester United winger’s former partner Gabriela Cavallin accused Antony of assaulting her multiple times.

In addition to this, Cavallin alleged that Antony headbutted her and caused a breast implant to be dislodged.

She further mentioned that the winger hurled a glass cup at her which led to her sustaining a severe finger cut.

These accusations led to the Brazil national team deciding to axe the player from the squad as investigations into the matter carry on.

Yesterday, United followed suit. The club released a statement confirming a mutual decision had been made for the player to take a leave of absence to sort out his issues until further notice.

United were quick to clarify that Antony had not been suspended unlike what happened to Mason Greenwood.

A report covered by The Peoples Person noted that two more women came forward to accuse the 23-year-old of further crimes.

Apparently, influencer and law student Rayssa de Freitas issued a complaint against Antony, accusing the winger of causing bodily injury in May 2022.

In addition to this, a banker called Ingrid Lana spoke to Record and accused the United star of forcefully trying to initiate sexual intercourse.

Antony recently did an interview where he denied all the allegations and once again reiterated his innocence.

In transcripts available online, details of a secret conversation between one of the women – Lana and a close associate of Antony called Reginaldo Teixeira – are revealed.

In the transcripts of a phone conversation between the two which was recorded on 7 July 2023, Lana appears to be keen on working with Antony’s legal representatives and solicitors to not only help absolve the player of any wrongdoing with regard to what happened between them, but also of harming Cavallin.

In the recorded conversation, Lana seems doubtful that Antony was aggressive to Cavallin whom she claims they have mutual friends with.

Lana says, “So Globo is looking for me. Record wants to know if Antony has already hit me. Dude, like that’s f*****d up. I don’t know if this girl did that, you know? She wants to put the blame on him, or if he really did the business with her. I don’t believe he’s aggressive, right?”

She adds, “But the guys are looking for me here. I know I made a mistake with him here and he knows he made a mistake with me, he just used me and took me out, right? He also deserved to take a bomb from me, but what she’s doing with him is not fair. And if he needs me, I’ll go to the media.”

Lana further told Reginaldo that “it hurt” when Antony “used her” and then “pretended that she doesn’t exit.”

As per her, she did not want to grant an interview accusing the former Ajax man because she was not open to “exposing” her family.

“The guys told me to go for an interview on TV and I didn’t go, do you understand? But even so, I regretted it, then it gave greater repercussion, you know? I just wasn’t sent away because my boss know that I’m not a slut, being almost I was going to be sent away because I have almost seven years at the bank. I was hateful, I didn’t think. Do you understand?”

Lana then went on to express her doubts regarding Cavallin’s claims against Antony.

She disclosed that she has knowledge from shared friends and personal “contacts” that Cavallin is not being entirely truthful and she may be intent on damaging Antony’s career.

One piece of the conversation from Lana to Reginaldo went, “People are offering me money to harm him (Antony), do you understand? You don’t understand this world is rotten. You know this world is rotten.”

“But I’m not going to do this with him, no money buys my integrity or my character. I’m not going to do that.”

Lana then stated her wish to speak to Antony before claiming that there is a possibility the Brazil international is deliberately being set up.

The conversation is estimated to have lasted for 11 minutes and 20 seconds.

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