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Manchester United receptionist received bullets after David Beckham’s infamous sending off at the World Cup

by Conner Botterill

Manchester United has been the home to many a world star during its illustrious history but perhaps none bigger than club legend and global icon, David Beckham.

Beckham needs no introduction having catapulted to fame through the ranks at United to untold acclaim and recognition, on and off the pitch.

However, it’s fair to say that without United, Beckham’s road to super-stardom would have been a far trickier one.

Now a nation’s hero, Beckham suffered a barrage of abuse after his sending off for England in the 1998 World Cup and the way United dealt with the situation may have saved the icon’s career.

Having been blamed for England’s exit from the tournament for his petulant flick at Diego Simeone, the nation decided to make Beckham’s life a nightmare.

The abuse was so bad that United’s long serving receptionist, Kath, found bullets delivered in the post addressed to the star – a terrifying experience for the staff member.

As reported by the Daily Star, Beckham’s father recalled the incident on David’s upcoming Netflix documentary, set to air later this month.

“That is when Kathy found bullets in letters. So the club had to get the police in because of the threats to him,” said Ted.

Kath, who has legendary status of her own at the club, having been in post since the days of Sir Matt Busby before eventually leaving in 2022, confirmed the horror story but refused to elaborate.

“I would never speak about that. Please forgive me but I would never speak about that,” she said, nodding in acceptance of the claims.

“I didn’t like it at all, but I had no say in the matter. I would have loved to, but you can’t. I just kept shut, like I always have done,” Kath added.

The torrid abuse that Beckham suffered on the back of the incident was unprecedented but with the support of the club he managed to continue playing football, going on to win the Treble the following season.

Beckham is now owner of Inter Miami and enjoying life in the MLS like only he can, having recently secured the signature of Lionel Messi, drawing yet more eyes to his illustrious career.

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