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Erik ten Hag expects injured stars to return after the international break

by Red Billy

Erik ten Hag says he expects a number of players to return from injury after the international break.

In the embargoed section of the pre-match press conference ahead of tomorrow’s Premier League clash with Brentford at Old Trafford, the manager was asked about the possibility of the return of injured stars and said:

“Not straight after the international but [they] will during the international break. I think they will step up players into the squad. Yeah.”

The manager also admitted it is up to him to resolve Man United’s confidence crisis.

“I am responsible for having the right mentality,” he said.

“In my communication, my demands and my standards in what I demand from the players. I have to set that and make sure the right mentality is there. I give my 100 per cent effort every day to get that in.

“We know we are still in transition as a club but in the meantime, we know we have to win every game. We don’t walk away from that, not this team, not these coaches and not this manager. No, definitely not.

“We are in a bad place, but then you have to fight. Everyone has to realise that we are there and that you have to fight together and be on one page in every occasion.”

When asked how he can return the side to winning ways, Ten Hag said:

“It’s patience and a cool head. I knew there would be gaps, [there] would be setbacks and there will be in every process. But we stick together and focus on what it is about and that is the way of play. But yeah, in this club, it’s probably happened more. That is understandable. But as I say, [we must] focus on the things what it’s about and that’s football and nothing else.”

“The only way we can do that is through the players together with the manager and the coaching staff. We are in the demand, so don’t think about what’s going around in the surrounding environment.

“Focus on what it is about, and that is to be a good team, so the foundation is the way of play. When you follow that, you will have a foundation and win games.”

The boss also expressed his appreciation for the support the team were getting from the Old Trafford faithful, saying:

“The fans are backing us. The fans are behind us, that is what I feel. I am sure these players can be mentally very strong. I have the experience from last season where there were many games where they were mentally strong.”

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