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David Beckham to be named ‘International Ambassador’ if Qatar become Manchester United’s new owners

by Raj Dholakia

Manchester United is currently in the midst of a potential takeover bid.

The latest reports suggest that Sheikh Jassim, backed by Qatari investment, is keen on acquiring the club with a whopping £5 billion bid.

However, the current owners, the Glazers, have a different valuation in mind, pegging the club closer to a £6 billion figure.

This discrepancy in valuation has led to a flurry of discussions and debates, especially considering the club’s existing debts and the state of its facilities.

Amidst this financial tug-of-war, an intriguing development has emerged.

Former ManUnited legend, David Beckham, is reportedly in line for an ambassadorial role if the takeover by Sheikh Jassim materializes.

This news, as reported by talkSPORT journalist Anil Kandola, has added another layer of excitement to the ongoing saga.

Beckham, who has always worn his love for United on his sleeve, recently spoke to Sky Sports about the situation.

Expressing his concern, he said, “It’s a difficult time at the moment but there’s a lot of noise around the club at the moment, so it can’t be easy for him [Ten Hag].”

“We all want that noise to go away and we all want a decision to be made for the club, for the fans, for the players, and for the manager as well… we’re number one, and we want to be back at the top.”

While Beckham hinted at having insights on the ideal leadership for the club, he stopped short of directly endorsing Sheikh Jassim, leaving fans and pundits in suspense with his “Ah, we’ll see” remark.

As the takeover talks continue, the potential involvement of Beckham, a beloved figure at Old Trafford, will undoubtedly be a significant factor in swaying public opinion and possibly influencing the outcome of this high-stakes negotiation.

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