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Marcus Rashford says he is yet to do an initiation song at Manchester United

by Conner Botterill

Football dressing rooms carry many superstitions and traditions, with players coming together from different countries and cultures hoping to strike unbreakable bonds.

One long-standing tradition for new players coming into teams is to sing a song in front of their new teammates, as part of the ‘initiation’ process.

Andre Onana and Mason Mount were the latest to show off their vocal skills to the United squad having joined on the pre-season tour to the United States.

United forward Marcus Rashford was quizzed on his initiation process by British rap artist Aitch in an interview for Sky Sports.

United fan, Aitch, asked Rashford which song he plumped for on his initiation but the 25-year-old revealed he might have got away with it.

“Everyone always asks me this and I can’t remember. I don’t even know if I done one!” Rashford said.

The forward claimed that you’re more likely to be put on the spot in pre-season which is the ideal time for team bonding.

“I joined mid-season so there was loads of games when I come in to the team and my first two were at home and it was like ‘is there any point at this stage?’

It’s more like a pre-season thing – if you come on the pre-season tour for the first time then you do it,” said Rashford.

However, Aitch wasn’t going to let Marcus get way with it that easily and sent a message to his United teammates.

“All his teammates if you’re watching – you cant miss the initiation!” Aitch said.

“They’re going to make me do it now! This is the first time admitting it but I can’t fully remember!” Rashford responded.

The chart topping artist then pushed the United man for the best singer in the squad with Rashford naming a former player as the best he’s seen.

“I don’t know who it is currently but it used to be Alex Telles, by far. I think he played an instrument as well, the guitar,” he said.

On the pitch, United face city rivals Manchester City in the Manchester Derby on Sunday and will need be striking all the right notes to take a positive result from Pep Guardiola’s in-form side.

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