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Harry Maguire’s head injury sparks concerns over football’s handling of concussions

by Raj Dholakia

In a recent Premier League match between Manchester United and Fulham, Harry Maguire’s head injury has raised concerns about the way football manages in-game head injuries.

Brain injury charity Headway has expressed its worry and called for the introduction of temporary concussion substitutes in the sport.

This incident has ignited a debate about player safety and the prioritization of health over the outcome of the game.

Maguire, aged 30, suffered the injury early in the match following a collision with Fulham’s Rodrigo Muniz.

The contact resulted in Maguire’s shoulder striking his head.

Referee John Brooks stopped the game after 60 minutes to insist that Maguire leave the pitch for treatment, initially citing a hand injury. Maguire returned to the field and completed the match.

Speaking after the game, Maguire stated that he passed the Premier League concussion protocol and knew his whereabouts. However, Headway criticized the incident, emphasizing the sport’s reluctance to prioritize player health.

Luke Griggs, Chief Executive at Headway, said, “The incident with Harry Maguire is concerning for a number of reasons. Every time the ‘if in doubt, sit it out’ principle is seen to be ignored in elite-level football, our chances of educating younger players and better protecting future generations from short and long-term brain injury are diminished.”

“Temporary concussion substitutions would immediately help return some credibility to the process, but an evolution of attitude is urgently needed.”

While the International Football Advisory Board (IFAB) rejected a trial of temporary concussion substitutions, concerns continue to mount.

The English Football Association’s concussion guidelines stipulate immediate removal from the pitch for players with suspected concussion.

However, the implementation of temporary concussion substitutes remains a contentious issue.

The incident involving Maguire highlights the need for a more comprehensive approach to player safety, with the sport facing increasing pressure to prioritize health over the result of the game.

As debates continue, it is essential to consider the long-term well-being of footballers and the potential consequences of neglecting head injuries.

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