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Dwight Yorke discusses Rasmus Hojlund’s challenges in the Premier League

by Raj Dholakia

Former Manchester United striker Dwight Yorke has offered insights into Rasmus Hojlund’s current form, highlighting the player’s struggles to replicate his European performances in the Premier League.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast, Yorke praised Hojlund’s goal-scoring abilities but noted his difficulties in adjusting to the Premier League’s demands.

Yorke, a seasoned forward himself, emphasized the high expectations placed on strikers, particularly in terms of goal tally.

“As a striker, you’re always going to be judged on the number of goals, so it’s fantastic for him,” Yorke remarked.

He underlined the need for a consistent striker, capable of delivering 20-25 goals per season.

Despite a promising start, Hojlund appears to be grappling with the unique challenges of English football. Yorke pointed out that the Premier League’s intensity contrasts with the more tactical and slower-paced nature of the Champions League.

“He’s got off to a decent start although I still think he struggles with the Premier League, maybe the demands of the game,” Yorke observed.

Hojlund’s recent Champions League performances, including a brace in United’s 4-3 defeat to FC Copenhagen, have been notable.

His lively presence was a key factor in the game, although United’s progress was hindered by a red card to Marcus Rashford and ultimately, the loss dashed their hopes of advancing in the tournament.

Yorke’s comments come at a critical time for Erik ten Hag’s team.

Even if they secure victories against Galatasaray and Bayern Munich, their Champions League journey remains precarious, with the threat of relegation to the Europa League looming.

As  United navigates these challenging times, Hojlund’s ability to adapt and thrive in the Premier League could be crucial for the team’s success.

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