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Alejandro Garnacho publicly calls out Facundo Pellistri’s lack of talent at EAFC on X

by Vatsal Gupta

Video games have become a big phenomenon among football players now especially with the Ultimate Team mode in EA’s football gaming franchise bringing out the competitiveness among the athletes.

One such exchange on X (formerly Twitter) recently caught the eye of Manchester United fans where two United stars threw shade at each other.

Facundo Pellistri and Alejandro Garnacho were the players involved as they called each other out for the other’s apparent lack of skills at the game.

After an account posted a screenshot of Garnacho’s Ultimate Team on EAFC 24, Pellistri took the first shot.

Garnacho’s team consisted of legends and coveted player cards like Ronaldo Nazario, Peter Schmeichel, Eusebio, and Laurent Blanc.

However, Pellistri poked the bear, posting that Garnacho still couldn’t win despite such a great collection of players.

The Argentinian wasn’t going to back down after a public call-out by Pellistri.

Garnacho revealed Pellistri’s record against him in games, saying that he was unbeaten “3-0” against the Uruguayan.

Furthermore, he asked Pellistri to “stop spending money” as “it won’t make you good”, effectively accusing his teammate of taking the easy way out by spending money to get better players.

The playful exchange on X caught the eye of United fans who then began wanting to see a game stream of the duo playing against each other.

Neither player has yet commented on those demands but one thing is for sure, their competitive nature is not restricted to minutes on the field.

They are also equally as competitive while handling the digital versions of themselves!

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