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INEOS relaxed over Man United’s potential Champions League ban

by Alex Browne

It has been reported that INEOS have stated that they are not concerned about a potential Champions League ban should they complete their 25% buyout of Manchester United.

The Peoples Person reported yesterday that UEFA’s multi-ownership rules could see United kicked out of Europe if fellow owned INEOS team, Nice, finish in a higher league position than the Mancunian side.

90min reports that UEFA are now backtracking and putting plans in place to ensure clubs cannot be barred from European competitions due to the fact they share the same owners.

UEFA have previously investigated links between clubs in a similar situation such as RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg in 2017, when both clubs were due to compete in the Champions League.

Despite the fact that it was commented that there was an “unusually high” level of transfer activity between them and similarities in “visual identity”, European football’s governing body ruled both clubs were sufficiently independent.

In fact, they even went on compete against each other in the 2018/19 Europa League group stage.

The website understands that INEOS are standing firm and do not intend to give up Nice or their Swiss club, Lausanne-Sport.

Apparently, INEOS are unconcerned by any “potential conflict with UEFA” when their partial buyout becomes official. The British chemicals company also do not plan to go into a full multi-club ownership arrangement seen in other places.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s company have already been in contact with UEFA and have supposedly received “assurances there won’t be any major issues moving forward”.

UEFA are also apparently conscious of the fact that without adapting current rules, problems of this nature may keep cropping up.

It was reported here yesterday that Manchester City and Girona may also face the same predicament being both under the City Football Group umbrella.

INEOS will be hoping this is the case, because being kicked out of European football, if they manage to qualify, would be a pretty horrendous way to start their involvement in a club where many fans are dubious of any new owners. The Glazers have made sure of that.

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